Welcome To Our Discussion Site

Welcome to our BA F323 Discussion Site. At this location, we’ll MIGHT host some class discussions. You can access each appropriate discussion as they are added to the top menu bar above – just click on the corresponding module (M2 = Module 2, M3 = Module 3, etc.).

Some important reminders for you:

  1. Every time you access this Class Discussion site, you MUST log in first (using your UA Credentials). This is the only way I will know you are engaging in these discussions. Use the “Login” link on the right side of the menu above.
  2. If we have online discussions, your initial posts will be due by 11:30 PM on Wednesday.  Then in most cases, you are required to respond to at least one of your classmates posts.   Those responses are due each Saturday by 11:30 PM.   To post your initial comment, scroll to the bottom of the page (under M2, M3, etc.) and select “Post Comment”.
  3. As mentioned, for each discussion question, you are required to read and respond to at least one of your classmates. Your classmates value your ideas, feedback and comments. Responding to your classmates allows all students to grow in the material and contribute to the overall community knowledge. Responses to your classmates are required by Saturday at 11:30 PM. As you respond to your classmate’s initial post (which should include text or web references that expand knowledge), consider yourself in a conversation. Using well thought out and articulated ideas/facts, state your opinion or position. Your response should include additional references and it also needs to solidify your position. Just to say you agree or disagree with your classmate is not good enough.
  4. To reply to a classmate, find and read their initial post, then select “Reply” under their post. This will be displayed immediately below their initial post.


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