Alyssa Baker Introduction

Hi guys! I am super shy with introductions so I like to keep it short and sweet. Look forward to interacting and learning more as the class progresses!

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You did great. Very nice intro. Glad you joined us from the south, but I am guessing you don’t like it too much at 43 below zero. Do you coach at Gym Inc? My daughter was a competitive gymnast there up through her graduation.
Nice to have you.

Rebecca Kranning


Hi Alyssa!

I’m so jealous you’re from Nashville. I’ve always wanted to go and spend some time there, hopefully I will get the chance in the summer. Its nice to meet you and I look forward to learning alongside you this semester!



Hello Alyssa,

You did great. I am also shy so this was difficult for me to do as well. Physical therapists are always needed everywhere so I hope you can reach your goal. Good luck!



For some reason I only see a black square and the words “error loading this resource” in the top left. Anyone else see the same thing? This happened when I loaded my video too so I make a google doc link instead, which I hope is working.

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