Im moving WHERE?! Introduction for Rebecca Kranning


Hey everyone! Im very camera shy but heres a little introduction

about me. Im looking forward to learning with all off you! Hope everyone has a great semester!

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Hey Rebecca,

Welcome to Alaska! I don’t know if you just moved here, but boy is it cold this week. I am sure it is quite the shock compared to Guam. I’m actually curious why you’d choose to go from a wonderfully tropical place like Guam to Alaska. My life goals are the opposite, I want to go to someplace tropical.

Well I think Alaska is a lot of fun, and once summer hits there will be lots of great places to go hiking, fishing, or whatever else you want to do. I hope you get the most out coming to Alaska and have a fun semester.

Gabriel Fulton

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Hi Rebecca!

Welcome to Fairbanks 🙂 I think it’s really cool you’re originally from Guam, my friends and I always talk about traveling there some day! I also enjoy hiking too, summer time in Fairbanks is perfect for doing outdoorsy stuff like that. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Cristina Bussell

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Hi Rebecca,
Welcome to this class and to Fairbanks. Yes, winters do take some getting used to. Just stay active in these cold temps. I look forward to your perspective on our topics. Great to have you.