Ryan Kramer Introduction! Hopefully it works now


Looking forward to a great semester with all you lovely people. Let’s all put together our strength and hope for a heat wave to at least bring it above -20. Good luck to everyone and I’m eager for all of the insightful discussions I get to read as well as share!

Thank you,


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For some reason I couldn’t get your video to play but I’ve been having technical difficulties all day. I like the positive vibes on making it warmer around here though!

Laurel Allen


Hi Ryan… I seem to be getting an error when I try to view your video. It may be on my end, but wanted to share in case it is not.




Looking forward to a great semester working together as well.

Wanted to let you know that, at least during my attempts, the video embedded within your post is unable to load. Perhaps consider adding in a hyperlink as a backup.

Good luck this semester!


Ryan Kramer



Thank you everyone for letting me know about the error loading! It loaded for me the day I submitted but I think I got it working now. Good luck to everyone else in the months to come! Should be an exciting class.




It worked this time. Thanks for correcting. And it was good to get to know your roommate a little as well (ha). Look forward to your insight into our topics and know this course will have application to engineering as well as business of course. Welcome.

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