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I hope everyone has a fun and exciting semester

Here is my video:

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It’s always weird to find someone you already know in an online class. I also didn’t actually know you were an economics major. Anyway I guess we can meet to actually talk about this class if we need to.

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Hi Cory! Business ethics certainly makes sense for an economics major. I bet you’ll have some great input if you’ve already knocked some econ courses out so far 🙂 Any specific avenues of economics you want to explore through your education or focus on as a career?



I have a decent idea of what I want to do after school. As of now I would really enjoy a supply management job for a company or even a financial analyst position. If possible I would prefer to be working somewhat with the stock market just because it really fascinating.



HI Cory,
Nice to meet you. Glad you are in this class and look forward to your comments. I enjoy watching College Football and Basketball as well. As an Economics major, this will have applicability to your career. We will study some examples of market manipulations. Welcome.

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