M11 – Sellin

After reading Chapter 11 (and the Cases), choose a topic in the text (Affirmative Action, Comparable Worth, Sexual Harassment, etc.) or bring in another example of job discrimination (age, sexual orientation, disability, etc.) and provide your insight into the impact it has on the employee, other staff, work environment, organizational culture, etc. Provide documented facts from an outside example.

Discrimination against someone’s sexual orientation in the workplace affects everyone, not just the one being discriminated against. The person being discriminated can affect their mental and even physical health. Just like everyone else, these people, have no control over who they are and that can affect them emotionally. Once these things are affected then they can’t perform their duties the best that they can because they have to worry about the discrimination. Employers that have problems with discrimination will have a high turnover rate because they can’t retain employees. Unemployment is higher among this population. According to The Williams Institute “Because of
discrimination, and fear of discrimination, many LGBT employees hide their identities, are paid
less and have fewer employment opportunities than non-LGBT employees,” (Williams Institute, 12)