M13 (Chavis) A couple thoughts

I found it necessary to remind myself to stop shaking my head as I watched the videos. This incessant SMH was for all the common sense (or what grandma used to term “human decency”) that we seem to have lost…or, maybe it was because we never truly had it.  Either way, I thought it best to discontinue that shaking (and mumbling in a low voice) before I was spotted and swiftly carted off.  Thoughts on two of the videos:

  1. Ethical Dilemmas in the workplace.  This SMH moment was brought to you by “the Little Guy.”  I have worked with wonderful mentors and leaders and also with the truly heinous.  I have seen situations where corporations are allowed to act unethically to force someone out or make their employ miserable.  While it is easy to suggest or encourage leaving, the onus is then on the job seeker to “justify” his short tenure, why he was released, etc.  More often than not, the disgruntled employee feels “obligated” to reach a milestone (time on the job, project completion, etc.) just to make the next interview easier.
  2. Drowning Child.  Gratefully, most situations are not moral “dilemmas” for me.  Having strong childhood influences and a great church family, often I know what I should do fairly quickly.  When stuck, I employ up to three tests (not necessarily in this order): 1) what would God prefer, 2) can I live with myself if I ___ and 3) what would my father say.  At my age, you know yourself well enough to know what will turn your stomach and what brings you joy.  And while I’m still evolving, I don’t find what’s “right” to be so complex an issue.


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Laurel Allen


The bit about having to justify short tenure rings home. I made a major career change within the last couple years, and I feel as though I am constantly pressed to justify why I made that change. It seems as though many people have lost all faith in others’ ability to provide an honest answer to such questions. I’ve also watched other people struggle to acquire employment, despite ample skills, experience and a likable personality, for the same reasons. It is viewed so negatively if someone chooses to walk away. At least they walked away before becoming so disgruntled with work that they gave their employer justifiable reasons to let them go. My phrase for SMH: “Le sigh.”