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Your summation of the theories of justice prior to your response to the questions was informative, and with that much appreciated. I really liked the Robin Hood reference about the poor stealing from the rich, and how that might be considered just from a Utilitarian perspective. It was a really good example that I hadn’t considered. I have found studying these theories of justice to be interesting studies not just on ethics, but on human behavior as well and believe that each theory has some validity and some fallacies, obviously some more than others. Thank you for your contribution.



Good video, good points, well presented. You provided good insight and understanding to the theories and seem to have a good grasp on the concepts. For doing this video challenge, I give you a few extra points. Its hard to video yourself on topics you just learned. Well done. Excellent thought about wealth accumulation through rich stealing from the poor. However, that occurs in a manner right now with developing countries who are leveraging their resources for the country’s benefit. Libertarians do not pay attention to the results of the distribution of wealth but rather how people have acquired them. Property is a moral right and if it is acquired in accordance with the principle of justice or from an individual who was entitled to the holding, one can do with their possessions as he/she wishes regardless of the consequences to the society. You are right on. Nice work.

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