I do not believe that the government should bail out big banks. There has been much coverage of the 2008 financial crisis. Almost all of the coverage supports the fact that the mortgage crisis could’ve been easily avoided. The info-graphic above shows the breakdown  of the government’s bailouts. The United States government should not be responsible for bailing out irresponsible banks. They did so in 2008 to limit the damage.

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I appreciate your opinion and those photos back up what you’re saying..There was another part to the question where you were to answer how each theory of justice viewed it. I would’ve liked to read your response to that! great job!



I liked the photos that you added, especially the second one. Also I agree with you on how the government should not be responsible to bail out big banks. It’s not like they’re helping the poor by charging zero percent loan fees to them, banks make tons of profit on foreclosures, and high interest rate on loans so I believe if they have that type of capability they should also be able to handle their profits and wealth wisely. Nice job overall, but how do you feel each theory would react to this question.

Ayla Otto


Great post! I love the infographic you posted. I agree with you that the government should not be responsible for bailing out big banks. If a normal family “ran out / needed money because they did not play properly or made poor decisions regarding money, would the government so willingly say “yes” ? Probably not. So why are banks held to a different standard? I also agree with eljerue and jhkim9 that I would’ve liked to hear your opinion on how each theory of justice viewed it.

Thanks for posting 🙂



Great Post! I appreciate your opinion. But think about if the banks falls will harm the whole economy and cause high unemployment, should the government interfere in this case? Thanks



That is quite the statistic, showing how much it cost TAXPAYERS to bail out irresponsible banks. The mindset that we will help you out of a jam no matter how unethical and poor you perform is not acceptable practice in business. No one bails out the small business owner who makes a mistake. US Government has to be the worse money managers of all time and it just keeps getting worse. Great job investigating this.

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