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Noah Hamm


Great PowerPoint! I really like how it’s formatted and the examples you provided. I would like to discuss an answer to the question about bank bailouts, though. You stated that government bailouts are wrong and the people made their own choices to end up in a situation requiring a bailout. Here’s an article about the 2008 Financial Crisis: https://www.thebalance.com/2008-financial-crisis-3305679. From March 7, 2017, author Kimberly Amadeo reports that one of the biggest causes leading to banks needing bailout was actually the Gramm-Rudman Act. Banks were responding to the impending crash of the housing market and the Federal Reserve underestimated the reach of the whole catastrophe. I agree with your statement that “justice permits people to live how they want.” This article just provides another viewpoint on how the financial crisis and bank bailout progressed. Nice post!!



I like your powerpoint. It was well written and provided simple, yet insightful depth to the questions. You missed Rawls Theory. Nozick was a libertarian, but Rawls had some differing views. Rawl’s second principle basically expects that social and economic inequalities must benefit the least-advantaged
members of society. This is the difference principle. This may imply that communism – where everyone is equal is automatic and that capitalism is only good if the poorest group (i.e., orphans) are benefited. So bailing out big banks
might have protected the more privileged (shareholders, CEOs, employees, etc.) than those least advantaged.

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