Closing the Deal (Garcia)

What weight should Jean give to self-interest in her deliberations? What do you think she should do? What would you do?

As a single mother with two children, Jean may want to give more weight to her self-interest and use the tactics taught to her to close the deals. However, she has been unable to do this with previous clients, and this may be impossible for her to do.
I think she should remain true to herself and maintain her standards of morality. It takes a certain type of person to use those kinds of tactics to “make a sale”. I’m not saying these types of people are immoral, I just think they do not see the tactics as deceptive the way Jean does.
I would look for other employment. I would not be able to go through the dramatics of the “phone call to headquarters” and the staged argument to make a sale; I would feel like a liar and would not be able to feel like that day after day.