C Holmes – M8

*I could not get the provided link to work correctly on my laptop. I researched this article from the footnotes of the supreme courts documents.

I thought that this was a very interesting case. The fact that any organization can become so corrupt never seems to amaze me. Even when this organization is supposed to be supporting and representing you. I absolutely think that the punitive damages were correctly awarded to Wells. Something like this should never exist and these companies need to be punished as to not let it happen again. The punitive damages were awarded based on the fact that the jury had found proof of the Local threatening Wells’ life. I don’t think it was all a dirty deal, however. They did have rights to do some of what they did. They had the authority, if not responsibility, to picket 2 hours a week. At first, they didn’t because they were ‘too busy’. This might have caused more damage to happen than necessary, and thus did not help their court case. Overall, I think that this was a somewhat complex case with a lot of different variables. I think justice was served, even if the Supreme Court erred in some of their rulings. If you perform sketchy deeds, it will catch up with you.