M1 Williamson

How do we develop our ethics?

The word “Ethics” deprives from the Greek word ethos which can mean customs, habits, character or disposition.

The dictionary’s meaning for “Ethics” is ” Moral principles that governs a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.”  In my own words I would say that ethics is a systems of codes that we live by, it also affects the way that we think, and act towards situations (positive or negative).  An individual develops ethical morals at an early age, the teachings of parents, educators and other factors such as; religion, culture, and philosophy trains an individual on what is perceive as right or wrong.

What are the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position?

The primary source for an individual developing ethical position during early childhood would be from the upbringing of him/her’s parents.  This usually shapes an individual’s fundamental attitude or outlook on things. Religion and later life experiences also comes into play after the upbringing phase of life is over, but not a primary source in my opinion.