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I understand why people are upset, it is a huge deal the amount of violence that this country sees. Both sides advocate strongly for their position because of these events. My opinion (and I say opinion because I have no statistics to back me- which is true for all of us discussing this issue) is that businesses should have a right to control what is within their walls just as they have a right to enforce uniforms and menus, and literally  every other aspect of what their employees can do inside their building. When we sign a contract to work for someone, we sign on to adhere to their rules- however strict they may seem. I believe though, that what happens inside an employees car, is the property of the employee regardless of whether they park on the companies property. The employer may require a right to know whether the employee has a gun in the car or not, just as a cop has the right to know when you get pulled over, for the safety of the people involved, but they should not be able to fire employees for carrying a gun in their  vehicle or ban them from doing so.

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I agree that companies have a right to decide whether or not to allow guns in cars or not. Like you said it is their property, and when we are hired we sign off on their rules which we must follow. Its understandable why companies don’t allow guns considering everyone seems to be afraid of them. However, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Also as you stated ,”what happens inside an employees car, is the property of the employee,” is also something I agree with. Personally I believe employees should be allowed to bring guns in their own car whether or not the company has rules against it. In fact something I had stated in my post is the idea of the, “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” law from which they used in the navy regarding the LGBT recruits. Before they didn’t allow gay people to join the navy, now they have a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which means the recruits as well as the recruiters simply don’t tell, or ask about the individuals lifestyle. I think this could be a good solution for this issue involving guns in cars in company parking lots. I’m sure there are people all over the country that carry guns in their car without the companies awareness. The reason the companies don’t know is that they simply don’t ask, and the people carrying the guns don’t tell. Even at UAF with all the cars in the parking lot, one of the cars is bound to have a fire arm in it. Its not a problem though because no one thinks of it or is aware of which car might have a firearm. Therefore, people aren’t afraid of going to class. Nice post

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What about the questions regarding schools. My take is that I don’t think that is the answer. It would be a tragedy if a teacher accidentally killed a student as they were trying to protect them from harm. To me, the answer is that the state and federal government needs to put more money into armed security and video surveillance (and possible metal detectors) at these schools.