M8 (Hansen)

2. I do think that employees should be able to keep firearms in their car, and while suspicion by their employers may be warranted, that means that there is probably an employee who they feel unsafe around. Maybe firing the individual who is being confrontational and impulsive would be a better way to handle the situation rather than have them stay on and continue creating issues. I think guns should be kept in the vehicle, and if the companies have hired stable individuals than there should be nothing to worry about.

3. No. The NRA is a cancer on the gun community for politizing EVERYTHING related to guns, then barring the CDC from doing any research that may cast guns in a bad light. They completely blew the issue out of proportion, and the ultimate decision ¬†should lay with the individual on whether or not there should or shouldn’t be a gun in their vehicle. If a company has an issue with an individual having a gun in their car, then they should look into what makes them feel that way.

4. A parking lot is fine, again as long as the vehicle remains secure. However, I would be concerned about a child getting his hands on a weapon, or accidental discharge of the firearm injuring a student. I think the presence of a gun within the walls of a school should not even be considered due to the HIGH potential for mishap. If a gun were to make it into the school, it would need to be by the hands of a professional.