M8 Williamson

2. In your view, do employees have either a moral or a legal right to park cars with guns in them in the company parking lot? What do you believe should be the property rights and safety concerns of employers?

Ans: After careful examination and research I arrived at the decision that employees have neither a moral nor a legal right to park their cars in a company’s parking lot with a gun inside it. Some areas are even classified as “Gun Free Zone”. Places such as schools, prisons..etc. This was a really though question for me the wrap my brain around, because I like most Alaskan like to know or have the peace of mind that a weapon is close by for safety purposes if necessary. On the other side of the token, if such a vehicle is broken into by a deranged or malicious individual that aims to cause havoc what then?  This would be a liability for any employer simply because if the weapon is used and the employer knew about the weapon being there in the first place, they could be subjected to lawsuits and other legal consequences.

3. Do you think state legislatures are right to get involved, or should the matter be left to companies and employees to settle?

Ans: I think personally that the state legislatures should not get involved unless it’s completely necessary. I believe that employers and employees such be able to accurately develop and implement certain rules and or conduct concerning this issue.

4.  Because the workplace is the company’s private property, the company could choose to allow employees to bring guns not only into the parking lot, but also into the workplace itself. Are there ever circumstances in which doing so might be reasonable? Or would the presence of guns automatically violate the rights of other employees to be guaranteed a safe working environment?

Ans: I belief that under certain conditions and work environments it could be feasible for companies to allow employees to carry weapons not only in their cars, but also into the facilities. Also employees who decline to do so should not feel like it a violation of their “Guaranteed safety”. Because there is no such thing in the world.


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I agree with you on the “guaranteed safety”. It seems to become a bigger joke each new day; we’re to the point that you can not even say something without hurting someone else’s feelings. Although I agree differently with the right to having a gun in your car, I do agree that a company has a right to say what is/ is not allowed on their property. As an Alaskan, I understand the need to have privacy and the right to control our property. You will be hard pressed to find a property in Willow without a no Trespassing sign. But then again they are saying that when I park on their property, my own portable property needs to be gun free? It seems like an endless “well you did this so I’ll do this” situation. I don’t know, it is a tricky dilemma.