1. If companies were to ban guns from vehicles on their lots, how would they know someone is not still hiding them? Would they search through every car? That right there would be a violation of our rights. Like I said, my car is my portable property it takes me everywhere I need, and I put a lot of money into it. I am very particular about the people ride in it. Even with nothing to hide I would not allow my car to be searched. Heck, I am not even okay with the property owners coming through for realtor inspections. It has nothing to do with what I do or do not have in my vehicle. It is the fact that I feel that I have no privacy if someone were to just search throw my things. If they want to do that, then they are more than welcome to pay for the vehicle. Do not have me slave away from my possessions only to have some stranger tear it apart. That is not freedom, that is not American. I believe that everyone has a moral right to protect themselves and guns are one of the best ways to do it. It provides distance between the attacker, the weight can be used to knock someone out, and it is not as harsh as say, a knife. I understand someone being uncomfortable with them and I would respect their wishes to keep a gun off their property. If a business strongly believes in no guns and I really felt unsafe without my gun on me, then perhaps I should find a different workplace. However, when you own a vehicle you are driving your own little property around. So, by allowing someone to park on your property, you are relinquishing the rights to that person to then control their own property. If the gun is kept hidden in the car, who will ever know it is there? Who really is at danger? If someone really wanted to shoot up a place, they can park across the street and walk in with the same damage.
  2. I just watched a video on Facebook recently (sorry I did not catch a title) and this woman pointed out that people are against the Second Amendment because it does not add up to their personal expectations. She brought up how gun supporters are demonized on the same level as the murderers who do shoot up schools. There are people who love guns and there are people who want to kill. There is not a direct link in owning a gun and being a killer. If these were school knife stabbings, would we be advocating to ban knives? Or any kind sharp object that could potentially harm someone? It is unfortunate to say but there will always be the sickos who find pleasure in taking a life. If you have watched any kind of crime show you would know this. Perhaps instead of banning all guns, we should look at our media and what our youth is being fed and reflect on that. Recent generations have grown up hearing up wars, seeing people strategically kill someone of their favorite show, and being able to shoot someone on their video game. We are always absorbing things, especially our media, so why don’t we make steps to make those things we absorb less violent?
  3. I recently watched a statement from President Trump on his solution to school shootings. Trump proposes to employ teachers with proper training (previous military or gun training experience) to be employed in every school. These teachers should be properly evaluated at regular intervals. Trumps thought is that shooters know when they walk into a no gun school that they have a bunch of open targets. But with teachers who are armed, shooters will be deferred because they know that they will most likely be gunned down. It takes four or five teachers surrounding the shooter at once, and dozens of lives can be saved. Trump also instigated a pay raise for the teachers who sign on to do this. I think that this is a great way to at least stick up for ourselves. What good does it do when all the good people are defenseless against the bad?

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I agree with your response to whether or not guns should be allowed in an employees vehicle. The same thought crossed my mind; if they could ban guns from employee vehicles, how would the employer know if an employee still has a gun. You also brought up another point that I had not thought of being that they could also park across the street and still enter with the same violent intent.

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I agree strongly with your argument of the debate if guns should be allowed in personal vehicles. My only concern is with your argument for guns with in school. In my personal opinion I feel the fact of adding a pay raise can be debated. Teachers already are upset of their pay being to low. Adding a pay raise for this new risk may cause the wrong incentives. I feel pay raises should not be added due to it taking the morals out of this position. I do feel there should be compensation for the added risk, but in a way that would incentivize teachers based on their moral. Someone training just for the money may not preform the same under pressure as a teacher taking the courses in the hopes of ensuring their students safety. I know this is a poor way to view people, but in the world some people will go great lengths just for an added pay raise.