I had a debate yesterday with my roommates on what should be done about gun laws in this country. For a disclaimer, we never reached a conclusion. Gun laws are a very sensitive topic in this country and many people have differing views. I certainly do not believe I have the one answer or one solution to this problem. But to cover some of the things we mention yesterday as we discussed the topic, we mentions some interesting points. I think that the problem that many people believe is that guns cause death and violence, but to take away all guns would still not solve the problem. Yes, guns cause death, but if people still wanted to be terrorist then they will find anyway they can to do so. What I think one solution, at first, would be to better regulate who is allowed guns through a strict background check and also allowing only certain stores to sell guns. Then next, in my opinion, is to not allow the sell of assault rifles such as the AR-15. Other than that, there are many other opinions that I am currently indifferent on, such as having trained teachers carrying weapons at schools, or taking away guns from people. I think this is a very large subject that needs to be debated more within the legislation.

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I have to say i came to the same conclusion because I could not find a solution that would respect the rights of a property owner and to also allow the personal protection that weapons present to an individual.

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Good points. Did you and your roommate talk about the school issue? Although there has been heated arguments on both sides on arming teachers, I don’t think that is the answer. It would be a tragedy if a teacher accidentally killed a student as they were trying to protect them from harm. To me, the answer is that the state and federal government needs to put more money into armed security and video surveillance (and possible metal detectors) at these schools. While nothing is fool proof (if someone wants to harm someone they will), it could help prevent it.