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2) I would lean towards what Mark Tushnet explains about not being able to bring a gun into someone’s household if they tell you not to. The company that owns the property is asking its employees not to bring weapons onto company premises; this includes the parking lot. Additionally, I came across an article that discusses whether or not a vehicle is an “extension of your home.’ To the federal government, it would be considered trespassing if someone decided to park their car onto someone’s property and just stay there. “You do not take your private property status with you when you leave your home with something that you store there’ (Martin 2016). Of course, at the end of the case study, the concern of companies is not property rights, it is to maximize safety precautions to the fullest extent.

3) Based on question 2, that this problem is a property issue, the National Rifles Association should not lobby legislation to make it illegal for companies to prevent employees from bringing in their firearms in parking lots. Although they have succeeded in States not requiring companies to allow workers to carry weapons; this is a matter between the companies and its employees. Additionally, this should be a matter to be handled at the State level rather than the Federal level.

4) Allowing teachers to bring guns onto the school premises would work in the same way as allowing company employees. There are many circumstances that can be deemed reasonable to allow teachers to do so. Based on question 3, this is a matter that should be determined at the State level and be between the teachers and school district board. There are already many schools that allow teachers to bring firearms. The allowance is heavily criticized by the media; however, I think they are heavily biased. In reality, those towns that allow such a culture to ensue, feel it enables teachers to be able to combat possible violent threats (Pavlich 2018).



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Although there has been heated arguments on both sides on arming teachers, I don’t think that is the answer. It would be a tragedy if a teacher accidentally killed a student as they were trying to protect them from harm. To me, the answer (as you mentioned) is that the state and federal government needs to put more money into armed security and video surveillance (and possible metal detectors) at these schools.