Hello everyone. My name is Rich and I am married to my best friend Crystal who I met at age 12 in junior high school. Between us we have 5 children; her having three grown boys and one grown daughter, and I have one grown son, making us “empty-nesters.”We also have 9 grandchildren with one, (a boy) due this March. Crystal’s side has produced all of our grandchildren for now, but maybe when my son settles down, it will be my turn. I am majoring with a Bachelors of Applied Management and minoring with a Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance. I was in the Navy active duty for 6 years and 18 years in the Air Force Reserves, with two deployments to the Middle East with the Air Force, including multiple TDY’s. One errand I get to run tomorrow morning is to buy a new laptop to replace my almost 9 year old laptop I currently utilize. With this I will be able to do a better video introduction of myself. I look forward to interacting with you and wish all of you a blessed day!

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