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Noam Chomsky – Why Marijuana is Illegal and Tobacco is Legal

I agree with Noam when he mentions the reason that Marijuana is illegal ( in some states) and tobacco is legal, is that because marijuana can be grown anywhere with relatively little cost to the producer. Although states are now taxing the product where it is legal, so they are getting their cut from wholesale producers, individuals can now grow their own if they so choose. It seems to me, had the government realized how much tax revenue would be generated from marijuana legalization, states would have adopted legalization laws much sooner.

Tobacco is far more harmful, but because big tobacco companies have been using their resources to ensure it remains on the market, no laws have went into place to prevent it’s sale.

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This is a very interesting topic because last year, the state of Michigan, passed the resolution to allow people at least 21 and older to use recreational marijuana. There are specific guidelines and rules that go along with it though. The votes went according to population. The lower Peninsula of Michigan has Detroit and other large populated areas. Because the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I live is densely populated, it would not have passed if it went by county voting results, which out of 83 counties in Michigan total, I live in the peninsula with only 15 out of the 83. Huge difference when it comes down to it. Population voting took something that wasn’t around me and my wife, (which neither of us partake in at all) and placed it in our laps. Now by laps, I mean our community in which we came here for the peace and forest, along with the beautiful nature areas. One rule for those that do this will be to have an enclosed area to smoke it. I pray no one is doing it outside and we are downwind from the source. I have nothing against those that do partake in it. I only take issue to those individuals that make it part of our life indirectly. Take care fellow classmate.



I agree with what you have to say here. I also think that the money that could be made from legalizing marijuana could benefit the government which is why we may see it become legal in more states.