M12 Huynh

My thoughts on Noam Chomsky’s perspective on Marijuana vs. Tobacco would be that I agree with what he has to say when it comes to how tobacco makes more profit being legal, since it is less accessible to make then that of marijuana, where anyone could easily grow it. The idea that one drug is legal than the other shows how, to a point, the law was placed just to keep a market that is easily profitable to everyone not legal to do. The control on Tobacco is easy since many people cannot excessively produce tobacco from their houses, which makes it easier to sell legally with profit by certain individuals. But things such as marijuana, where many people can produce it easier, it becomes harder to profit off of. So by making it illegal, certain individuals are able to stop that easy business not primarily because it’s a drug to keep away from the public, but because the public could easily sell it just like industrial manufacturers, which certain individuals do not want to happen.