Ethical Dillemas in the Workplace

The video that I chose to comment on is Workplace Issues- Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace: The Ethics Guy on ABC News.

All of us faced by those moments when doing what is right is very different from doing what is easy or what would be the most ethical choice. I have been in a very similar situation, working as a sales person with monthly sales target, after few years I decided to quit. I worked hard and I had good results, but it was too much pressure on me.

Trying to find a new job, on different interviews i faced the same question : “why did you leave your last job?”

I told to the interviewer that I quit job and left the chronic stress behind, maybee is not the best answer, but I think that being honest on a job interview is very important and is beneficial to you in the long term. The interviewer should be more interested of how can you benefit the actual company than what you did at your previous job.