Module 12 – Hoover

I watched Noam Chomsky’s Why is Marijuana Illegal and Tobacco is Legal.

Personally, I think there are arguments on both sides of the marijuana legality fight. I am on the side that I do not think recreational marijuana should be legal. I understand the importance and need for medical marijuana but recreational should be more closely monitored. Noam Chomsky compared the legality of marijuana and tobacco. There have been more medical studies that show how helpful marijuana can be and how detrimental tobacco can be and yet the one that is helpful is (was) illegal and the one that harms people is legal. To me, and I’m sure other people feel the same way, that seems backwards. Yet that is how it has been for decades and the world doesn’t seem bothered by it. The tobacco industry is massive and millions (if not billions) of dollars are made each year; but through that industry comes disease and medical problems. I agree with Chomsky that there is a disconnect between the marijuana and tobacco but at the same time I don’t think the world is willing to do much to change what needs to be changed.

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Agreed, the drug system in the US does seem to be backward. Although both substances discussed are legal in Alaska, I still think there is a disconnect between who can access these substances. Anyone 19+ can legally purchase and use tobacco products, however, an individual has to be at least 21 to purchase and use marijuana products (besides prescription/medicinal use). Thoughts?