M12 (Olsen)

I am commenting on Ethical Dilemmas in The Workplace: The Ethics Guy on ABC News. I think that this video contains a lot of useful information on how to handle job interviews and some of the tough questions that interviewers like to ask. When an applicant is able to answer these questions with confidence and in a fashion that still impresses the interviewer, they are more likely to land the job than another applicant who is nervous and doesn’t know how to handle the tougher questions. Dr. Bruce Weinstein says that the most important thing to do in an interview is to establish a trust with the interviewer by being open and honest. Even if the applicant has been fired in the past, the applicant should be honest and answer the questions with confidence. The applicant should also reinforce his statements with reasons why they would be beneficial to the new company and how they will help the company to be successful.

One last tip that Dr. Weinstein gives is to practice interview questions and answers before the interview. This tip is not only helpful in the interview setting but also in many other areas such as public speaking and sporting competitions. When the individual is able to visualize or, better yet, practice the event, they are more likely to be successful. This was a great video and one that all young job seekers should watch before they go through the interviewing process.