Sutton: M12

The video I decided to comment on is “Why Marijuana is Illegal and Tobacco is Legal” with Noah Chomsky. Watching this video was very interesting. Although marijuana is a touchy subject for many people, he makes a good point about the legality of these two substances. I personally have an uncle who passed away from lung cancer that could have been prevented if he had just not smoked cigarettes. I am so surprised that people still smoke tobacco when there is so much research that proves how deadly this substance is. This is just an example of how big companies have such a huge control over these industries. Because marijuana can be grown anywhere, these companies and the government want to control it so they are getting the profit. The selfishness that stems from these laws is astounding if you think about it in the sense of profit. Although there is a lot of benefits from CBD oil and marijuana, the major companies and the government want to keep everything to themselves.