bolduc M12

‘Why Marijuana is illegal and Tobacco is legal” was an interesting video to watch and there was a lot about the two industries that coincide with one another. I’m currently taking the chemistry of cannabis course that’s being taught at the University and we have had speakers come in from the Alcohol and Marijuana Control board to come to discuss the legality of the substance for the state of Alaska. There is such a large push for an increase in testing for products like CBD, THC, CBN, terpenes, etc but the lack of experimentation and poor lab practices make it difficult to achieve an optimal guide for establishing proper testing procedures. This is extremely important in being able to provide consumers with the proper strengths and benefits from terpenes that they are searching for. I think the largest downfall is large companies trying to influence or send their products to labs known for giving high percentages. Large industries are going to consume the marijuana market just like the tobacco industry conglomerates. we are likely to see the partnership between large corporations like Marlboro, or Corona with dispensaries in the future.