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How do we develop our ethics? What are the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position?

How we develop our ethics and the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position can go hand in hand. I believe our moral rules can be strongly influenced by the environment we grew up in as a young child.  

We develop ethics by watching what is going on around us, absorbing situations, and by experiencing situations first hand. Our conduct is determined by what we deem is right and wrong, fair or unfair, and just or unjust.  

When we are young our ethics can come from our parents or the adults we look up to most who are there to protect us and help us learn right from wrong. These moral rules can develop from our sources in our environment. Religions practices, cause and effect (consequences), and many more. As we grow and learn to think for ourselves our ethics can change or become more refined as we ask ourselves, How should I live my life?

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I agree with your thought process 100%. I think it is important that you had talked about how as you grow older and have experienced more situations first hand, you being to alter your ethics or morals slightly to match what you believe is right or wrong based on that particular situation. Although, in most cases I feel that you base your ethics off of the people that you look up too, you are not a carbon copy of your parents etc., and therefore will develop new morals or ethics as well.
As I talked about in my original post as well, laws are a big factor in our ethics as well. This is true because if someone is in trouble with the law, they are forced to some sort of punishment depending on how serve the crime committed was. As individuals of our society, we want to avoid that punishment at all times which leads to us obeying by our laws ultimately forcing us to form our ethics around are government.