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Each individual contains a different set of morals that began to take shape from their early individual upbringing that includes but is not limited to the individual’s race, religion, gender, sex, political stance, education, income, relationship status, etc. as these statuses change; so do their morals. When a group of individuals with similar morals are brought together to form a community; they make up our ethical viewpoint. The development of our ethics as a community is at a constant change
as the community’s morals also change. Given the following example: guns- primarily used for safety, was once a necessity when discovering the new world and the unknown dangers that lie amidst the exploration of what is now North America; it was not uncommon for the majority of individuals to share the same moral that guns were practically a necessity, therefore making it ethical for everyone to own a gun. Until recent events, the community has had a drastic sway of morals about owning guns, thus creating a change in the ethics of the community. I for one do not believe there is a “primary source” for the development of an individual’s ethical position — because there are countless sources to consider.

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Kim Duffield


I like your example that you used about guns and how our ethics have changed throughout time. Even during these changing times, there were still different cultures and groups of people who might have agreed and disagreed on what they thought was ethical. The different ethical standpoints come from as you mentioned different communities because different morals are brought together. One culture’s use for guns may be justifiable while another culture’s may not be. I also agree that it is hard to choose only one primary source for our ethics because race, gender, culture, upbringing, etc. all come together and shape our ethics. Someone can have the same upbringing as one person but have different ethics because they have experienced different situations in life.



Very insightful post! I like the connection you made with the evolution on the restriction of guns and its relationship with ever-changing ethical positions and standards. However, I do disagree with your point on there not being any primary sources for the development of ethical positions. I believe that the culture, environment, and religious beliefs that we are exposed to at a young age have great implications on how we develop ethically over time. With this being said, they are definitely a multitude of sources and factors that can influence an individuals ethical development.