M1 (Lawton)

How do we develop our ethics? What are the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position?

Our personal ethics develop from a number of sources. These include, but are not limited to culture, religion, and upbringing. Culture plays a significant part in the way we view our ethics in comparison to other cultures. While what we may believe is right and wrong, another culture may have a different outlook with their values. A culture’s common values can shape the way people develop their ethics. Religion is another source in the way certain groups of people develop their ethical positions. Christianity teaches to “love thy neighbor as thyself” which influences a person on the way they should live.

The most crucial source in the development of our ethical positions would be our upbringings. The impact of the lessons we learn in early childhood, especially from our parents, can often determine how we shape our ethics. However, this can be a double-edged sword as some parents have negative influences on their children which in turn leads to some controversial views on ethics. While these are just a few primary sources in the way our ethics are developed, they are some of the important sources to examine.

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Hi Robert, excellent write up. I tend to agree with you regarding the upbringing. From birth to around the teen ages religion and raising the child has a big influence. Cultural though, in my opinion, the child during this age is subjected to “Family only Culture”. From teenage on the individual experiences cultures (social) on a whole different level. Something that may or may not be able to learned from home. Religion is something I take with a grain of salt. I was brought up in a very strict Catholic environment, and yet do not believe in many of the church’s views on several subjects. Then there are those who have no religious beliefs what so ever, yet maintain high moral and ethical standards.