M1 (Muzzillo)

How do we develop our ethics? What are the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position?


I believe that as individuals, we develop our ethics by who we are raised by specifically, our family circle. Their morals and values play a major role in what we believe our ethics are and what we believe is right and wrong. This leads me to the second question which asks what the primary sources are for us to develop our ethical position. Parents or individuals who you look up to as a child, are vital in shaping what your beliefs and morals are. For example, as a newborn, you have so much to learn about life itself and your parents or guardians are the people who teach you how to act and what ethics or beliefs work for them. Because you look up to them, most of the time you believe what they do simply because that it is how you were raised, and you trust what they tell you.

Along with the individuals in your life who you look up to, there are also laws that help form societal ethics. For example, as a child you are always taught to obey the law, and if you break a law, society views these acts as shameful or disobedient.  Jail time can also help develop our ethics as most people do not want to be isolated from the rest of society due to misbehavior. Along with this, there are also many negative repercussions from not obeying the law. For example, you may have trouble finding a job should you have a criminal record.   This could cause issues like stress caused by having to find a place to live and food to eat.   Therefore, developing good or bad ethical positions will shape who you are and what societal norms you choose to follow.

Overall, as our circle becomes bigger, and we have more life experiences our ethical position will continue to grow and therefore could ultimately change.





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I agree with you. I think that the people immediately around you help shape your view of right vs wrong. I also think that the society that you’re in plays a fundamental role in your ethical position. They give us rules to follow and consequences of not following them. If a law is created, society must think that breaking that law is wrong; in turn, choosing to follow or break that law is shapes your ethical code.



Jrmuzzillo, I agree with you stating that we get our ethical viewpoints mainly from our family, we are definitely a product of our own environment. Growing up, it is not unusual to adopt your parents views on life. Whether it be who to vote for, how to speak to others, or wrong from right. Like you said, we develop a higher trust in our family, which allows us to adopt their ethical perspective and use it as our own.