M1 (Brumbaugh)

Ethics is a set of moral principle that governs someone’s behavior or actions. I believe we develop our ethics by who we surround ourselves with whether it be family, friends, teachers, government, religious groups or society. From the start our parents, teach us what they consider to be right and wrong and help mold what our morals and beliefs are. As we get older, different influence can change our ethical behavior. As we experience life events, hard decisions, or first hand experiences is when our true personal moral code is revealed.

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Much like the idiom that the company we keep defines us, I too believe this to be true as our character, behavior, morals, ethics, etc. often mirror or coincide with who we consider friends/acquaintances. This effect becomes less pronounced the further from our self we get, such as the difference in similarity between us and friends vs. us and government, but often we are still a reflection we reside in. Great point to point this out, as it can be easy to forget that we are shaped by our society, and vice versa.