M1 (Cassell)

I believe that peoples morality come from a drive to fit into a culture. Something that the book mentioned was conformity. This is the driving force behind people wanting to fit into a group of people. I was watching a video once online that shared some interesting ideas that social norms and peoples desires to conform to social norms is built into our DNA. The video explained that in our evolution development we as a species had adapted a survival instinct to confirm to these norms as to be part of the group or tribe. If one of the members did not conform to the social norm, they would be cast out of the tribe and their chances of survival would go down drastically. Because of this we have a biological driving force to conform to social norms. We feel this in the forms of emotions such as embarrassment and shame. In my personal experience, these are the emotions I feel when I do something I perceive as immoral. Now the morals of one culture differ from the next and people learn and perceive their morality from their respective culture. But my belief is we are biologically driven to be moral creatures because we have a unique desire to conform to social norms because we want to be part of the tribe.

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Very insightful post! I didn’t initially consider the influential impact conformity can have on an individuals ethical position but I absolutely agree with your point. In modern day society, there is so much pressure to fit in and conform with societal norms. People who don’t fit in are frowned upon and considered to be outsiders. As a result, you see many people shaping their ethical position based off what the mast majority of society deems as “right” and “wrong”