M1- Easaw

I believe that they are a multitude of factors that help influence and shape a person’s ethical development. In general, ethics pertain to moral principles that govern a person’s behavior. For most individuals (myself included), ethical behavior and development is shaped at a young age during childhood upbringing. Whether we recognize or not, children learn from their parents actions & attitudes and as a result often exhibit the same behavior. Although childhood upbringing is the most predominant factor in the ethics an individual develops, other factors such as life experiences and religion play a big factor as well.

For myself personally, religion played a huge role in shaping my ethical behavior. I was exposed to religion at a very young age and grew up in a culture where Christianity was highly valued. Due to this early and constant exposure, I began to adopt values and beliefs that are practiced in Christianity.

Furthermore, our ethical development is still influenced as we grow older and go through life altering experiences, meet new people that are different from us, and travel to unfamiliar places.

In all, our ethical position is always changing and adapting to our environment and by those we love and surround ourselves with.

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I’m always intrigued when I learn that values in one culture/religion are also practiced in another. It seems that so many people believe cultures are completely different and in many ways they are, but in many ways they are similar. Religion seems to have a universal code which dictates good moral behavior, and because of this emphasis on good moral/ethical behavior, the morals/ethics praised and valued are often similar if not outright the same.