M1 (Fajardo)

How do we develop our ethics?

What are the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position?

I think we develop our ethics through observation of others and questioning the values in which how we should behave in a certain way that is acceptable in todays society. Throughout everyone’s lives ethical values are developed within a moral standing of what is right and wrong, and in what ways can one determine if things that are right or wrong are necessarily good or bad. It’s ultimately up to an individual to determine their standpoint on what they chose to believe in and behave in a particular way. However there are things that exist to keep everyone within a standard that is considered good and those are law created by a country that everyone must abide by or faces consequences when not following them. Some of the primary sources I believe we develop our ethical position from are the people closest to us and who we decide to surround ourselves with, because an ethical position is ultimately ┬ádecided from the influence of society and the values and beliefs each of us carries as citizens of a country.