How do we develop our ethics? What are the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position?

Ethics is a set of moral standards or principles that govern the way we act or, a person’s behavior towards activities. I am a firm believer that we are a product of our own environment. I believe the first process in the development of our ethical standpoints stem from our childhood upbringing. Learning what was right and wrong at a young age instilled a set of ethics that our parents/family/teachers, etc. have hammered into us from birth, to today.

As we carry these early ethical viewpoints through life, certain sources may change our outlook of what once was. Religion, life changing experiences such as getting married, and loved ones all have an impact on what you view as right and wrong. My family was never religious, but I have many friends who share different views of what is right and wrong based on that religious standpoint.


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Hi Bryan. I absolutely agree that our upbringing has a great weight in the ways our ethics are formed. My family was not religious either, but the way we pick up ideas of right and wrong are shaped by our experiences and other influences of people around us like school teachers or peers.



Hi Bryan,
My family also is not religious and I was always curious if I was missing out. There was always a sense of community with my friends who were religious, but I have come to realize that I appreciate my experiences outside of the church. I appreciate that the textbook mentioned that you can still be ethical without being religious, since i would hate for people to think otherwise of me. As I learn about my friends views on what’s right and wrong, I understand where my friends beliefs come from and what impacted them. Neither of us are necessarily correct, but we understand each other and are still able to be friends.