M1 (Hawks)

The questions for this assignment were basically How do we build our ethics and Where do we get our ethics from. Before we answer this question we need to learn what Ethics is. Ethics is described in the book the study of right and wrong, duty and obligation, individual personality, Moral norms and responsibility. From the definition we can say that Ethics is basically a persons judgement. How is that judgement formed though? Where does it stem from? Well, according to the book and my own personal thoughts, Ethics stems from a lot of different places for a lot of different reasons. This means to me that Ethics can be learned from anyone who you look up to and anything that has happened to you to make that “Ethical Judgement’. This is because Ethics are different not just in every person but in every culture. Some examples of Personal Ethics is one person may think it is Ok to fight someone if that someone had been mean to them for a long while but another person may think it is not ok to fight someone no matter what other people have done to them. Some people will think it is ok to fight someone just because another person looked at them wrong. These Personal Ethical Judgements I believe come from our own Moral upbringing, our own personal conscience and our own study of ethics from other people we admire and/or follow (our role models, our religious choices, etc.). Now an Example of Cultural Ethics is in America it is ok to call someone older than you “Hey You’ or “Man’ or “Dude’ but in other Countries if you called an older person “Dude’ they have every right to fight you in public and it is looked down on if you fight back. This is because in other countries the titles “Sir’ and/or “Ma’am’ are very “prized’, for lack of a better word, and show off a persons authority because in that country/those countries age is a huge thing to decide authority. With all of this information and situational examples I can now say that I fully believe Ethics are formed by not only your own Moral Upbringing and own Conscience but the Moral Ethics of the Place you are born in. I also believe, however, it is ultimately your decision to choose and to believe whichever Ethical or Moral Trait you want to because It is decided on the people around you and the place you live in that can judge your choices and possibly punish you for them but those things and/or people cannot stop your decision entirely. This is also why I believe Ethics can come from so many different places. The multiple choices one person has makes it difficult to tell that person what is right and wrong and what is law. To conclude this long ramble, Ethics of someone vary on how they are personally, how they see the world and if what they have learn stuck with them throughout their life.