M1 (Levenson)

How do we develop our ethics? What are the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position?

The idea of ethics is interesting in the manner that they are a powerful source for us to help guide our actions in life. Our decisions can, and should be, influenced by this want to do the “right” thing. While an individual’s moral code is deeply personal, it seems as though they are developed by external factors. Our textbook makes it very clear; our upbringing and those who surround us at early ages are influential for the rest of our lives, including the point in which we start to decide what it means to be ethical for ourselves.

I believe in regards to ethics, both nature and nurture have a part to play in developing our ethical position. If we grow up in a religious family, that could impart a lot of ethical standards on us. If a child’s parents are involved in criminal activity, they may be less willing to teach their children the typical “right” and “wrong’s.” Then throughout that child’s life, they will eventually grow up, and get thrown into the real world where they will have plenty of opportunities to experience situations where it becomes obvious that there are a multitude of grey areas.  This  could be where nature comes into play. We recognize what our conscience is saying and might start questioning what we had believed to be morally responsibility in our former years. As humans, we have the capacity to never stop developing our values.