M1 (Mendoza, M.)

THIS WEEK’S ASSIGNMENT:   Answer these questions with original thought and references to the text or outside resources.    How do we develop our ethics? What are the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position?

To develop our ethics, we must first have a firm foundation of personal beliefs as to what is right and wrong. While there are “universal” rights and wrongs such as murder, charity, theft, etc., there are numerous other rights and wrongs that are unique to every individual such as adhering to prayer, keeping/returning money found on the street, holding the elevator door, etc. By understanding our deepest beliefs and what we are unwilling to disregard we can then develop those ethics closest to our heart and mind. This development is not instantaneous nor is it easy/simple. It will require much thought and at times we may question that belief, but those that hold true will have become stronger, more complex and much more widely implemented and comfortable in our daily lives.

It can be said that a huge part of our ethical position/development comes from what is taught to us and demonstrated by our parents, but the text also goes on to explain that a large part of ethical position for the individual is how they see their moral decisions impact upon not only themselves, but upon society at large (Shaw, 45). These development/implementation sources are known also as “theories”. There are two large camps of thought, “consequential and non-consequential” (Shaw, 46). Essentially, the view of consequential beliefs lead to development of ethical position because if a consequence is good then the decision is good and therefore should be repeated or expanded. With non-consequential belief, the lines are a little more blurred, and because the consequences were good doesn’t necessarily mean the decision is good. Therefore much thought is given before decisions are made on moral grounds.


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