M1 – Beshaw

How do we develop our ethics? I believe our understanding of right and wrong are influenced by those we look up to most, whether they are parents, teachers, childcare providers, or other role models. A family’s religious beliefs or political affiliation impact us from a young age as well. Ethics are developed over time through positive and negative reinforcement from those influencing us.

What are the primary resources for us to develop our ethical position? I believe a person’s religion provides a foundation of what is right and wrong. Experience and our conscience probably play the biggest roles in developing our ethical positions. Regardless of what parents, churches, or the law say is right or wrong, how an action makes us feel will tell us whether it is right or wrong. So, our ethical postion could change over time as we gain more life experience.

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I would say that I agree with the first statement that we are heavily influenced by those that we spend our time with, those we are influential in our lives. Though, I believe that we ourselves truly decide whether what we are perceiving is right or wrong. We have the free will to decide for ourselves whether to reject or accept the information being fed to us growing up and continuing on to/through adulthood. You mention religion a lot in your answers, but I pose a question in rebuttal. If someone is not religious, does that mean they have no moral code? That because they grew up without believe or being taught about a religion , they themselves cannot perceive what is right or wrong? Not everyone in this world has a religious background, so I was wondering where those that do not have said background get their moral compass?