M2 – Swedberg

For one week in the month of July in 2015, I went on a trip with a group to a place in Oregon. Once in Oregon, I was put on a team to help repair a porch. All the boards that were starting to rot were replaced with new boards and both stairways, leading to the porch, were rebuild. In addition to helping rebuild the porch, I was also in charge of filling the water cooler with ice water. That way, there would be enough water for everyone to be able to refill their water bottles throughout the day. There was travel expenses for everyone who participated on this project and very little tourism. As a result of taking the time for this trip, paying the expenses to go on it, and helping complete the project, I feel like I demonstrated “Assisting Others’ (Shaw 64) and “Good Will’ (Shaw 57).


Shaw, William H. Business Ethics. 9th ed., Cengage Learning, 2017.

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Great example. It is well known that no mission can succeed if the smallest details aren’t tended to. Not only was the porch important, but so was the health of those involved. Without something to stay hydrated, how long do you think y’all could have kept working without having to call it quits? And then how long would the project have been delayed, if completed at all?