M2 (Hawks)

The assignment asks for us to link a memory to one of the multiple theories in Chapter 2. After going through the Chapter 2 notes and as soon as I read the question, one memory came straight away. I will tell the story and then compare what I think each part of the memory is to a certain theory.                                                                   One  day heading home from school I decided to stop by the store to get a few items. On my way inside the building, I saw a man in worn clothing with his head hanging down holding a cardboard sign asking for a little money. I wanted to help him so I gave him a couple dollars and went inside the store. When I was about to leave the building I saw the same man in worn clothing go into the liquor store no longer holding his sign but his head still hanging down. I was saddened by this but did not confront him. I just went about the rest of my day. I think this memory stuck with me because it was the first time I ever saw something like that happen in real life because you hear about it from others all around but I (until that day) never saw it. It did not discourage me to helping out people and I don’t know the man’s full story as to why. It did, however, give me a different view of things and sort of helped me grow in that aspect.                            How this memory is related to the Chapter 2 Theories, in my head, are somewhat simple. In the situation I was trying to use “Kant’s Ethics of Goodwill’ to help someone in need but that someone, using the more selfish side of “Egoism’, instead of using the goodwill to help himself in the ‘long run’ (get warm clothes, food, etc.) helped himself in the ‘short run’ ((possibly) get cigarettes or liquor).

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Arthur R Luebke


Good example. There has been a growing trend in social media for people to film themselves giving money to the homeless and raise awareness of charitable acts. While they make their actions appear to support Kant’s ethics of goodwill or utilitarianism, they are evidently done within the framework of Egoism, because they are trying to get likes, shares, views, and film themselves so they can promote their own image as a “person of virtue,” unlike someone who is just trying to help a person in the moment.