On page 46 it states egoism is, “The view that equates morality with self-interest…”. I found this theory relatable to the many different people that I work with. While my co-workers are polite and professional, very few of them are willing to participate unless there is a direct benefit involved for them or their department. I agree with the misconceptions noted in the reading about “…egoists cannot act honestly, …and helpful,…” (Pg. 47). My co-workers are genuinely good people and when resources are scarce it’s hard to participate in additional projects or tasks.

Recently I have been put in charge of rolling out a new software program for the Administrative Division (keep in mind I have no IT background). I was instructed by the software company to follow a training schedule and to add the relevant people that would need to attend. I invited three other upper management staff and one of those managers invited two IT staff members. Members of this training participated in the ones that applied to them (not staying for all the trainings). I am aware this doesn’t have much to do with morals, but a united front to implement this new software would have been better than being a resource of one.