M1- Barril

Where do we develop our ethics? and from where?

The development of our ethic is something that takes place over the entirety of   our upbringing and can evolve as we grow. Through experiences and perceptions of the world and the events that unfold before us, we our surroundings and begin to create our own ideas and guidelines on how we will be living our lives. I would like to believe that most individuals are born with a healthy moral code, yet this code is heavily influenced by the individuals upbringing. Our role models are typically moral code carrying individuals that can influence others in expressing that moral code as well. A lot of people are influenced by their parents or caregivers, though there are cases where these people can give us insight on moral codes not being taught by them, but as we develop as a person/adult the ethics we learn does not mean its the ethics that are portrayed. Everyone has their own unique moral code and its through the events of life and how we interact with these events that can evolve our ethics and morality to better understand right and wrong.