For this weeks assignment we are examining one of the many normative theories and they have directly been implemented in our lives or throughout history. Egoism is the one that resonated the most with me. After looking into its meaning and philosophy it is quite apparent that egoism resides among us all. Even though that choose to live selflessly and for others, have still decided to do so but within their own best interests. It does not descried human behavior directly, but more or less what we should be doing, aka living life selfishly. Self preservation is what we should strive for as individuals. It is not necessarily bad to live in ones self interest, in fact we all typically have made decisions in our lives that were dependent on how well we would come out in the outcome. Even those that choose to live for others, to provide aid and care for other people, have still weighed out the negatives and benefits to oneself. Whether we are helping others, or helping ourselves, we all exhibit egoism in the fact that if it isn’t beneficial in some way we will not continue to act if it is negative. It is not bad that we are a bit of egoists, if we didn’t care about our outcome in making decisions throughout our lives, then what influences those decisions?