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Firestone 500 Steel Belted Radials

In the late 1960’s — 1970, feeling the pressure from competitors, Firestone Tire began developing the all new steel belted tire named the “Firestone 500’.   By 1972 Firestone began producing and distributing their new technologically advanced tire.   However, with little R & D time the tire immediately began having serious problems.   The problem was identified, by Firestone, as the steel belts separating from the tire tread and/or inner tire body due to adhesive failure.   Even though there were serious safety issues with the tire Firestone continued to produce and distribute the product.   Only after 1000’s of reported accidents and up to 40 known fatalities was Firestone forced to recall their tires.   In 1978 Firestone had produced over 23 million of the defective tires between 1972 and 1980, most of which were recalled.   Firestone was not only held accountable for the recall, but was also fined by the US Government.


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