This week we examined what consumers mean to business. We are the driving force for almost all interactions within the economy. You would think that those that are producing goods and services to the consuming masses would care, yet after reading about Martin Shrkeli and his many accounts of dehumanizing the market for corporate greed, there are signs that they really do not care about anything than the money. He the epitome of the greed that controls Big Pharma. For he is most known for his price gouging of HIV and cancer medication. This hiked price went from 13.50 to 750 USD. He has gone on record to mock any objections to his price hiking with remarks that shame does not affect the price of a share. He goes on to claim that the money he is taking from those that buy into the good, other corporations, and putting those to use in charities. The consumer themselves cannot be angry at him for trying to make money to help those in need. He has since become a convicted felon and has to make up for his misgivings with the payment of heavy fines and the refund of millions back to consumers. I would say that in his case there should be no forgiving what he had done. He has gotten away with so much that one of his many unethical dealings would be bound to catch up to him. In relation the Thanks for Smoking video, he was sending a message that his intentions were to help the masses rather than to help himself. If that were the case Martin, then why increase the price of such a helpful pharmaceutical tool? Then why are you a current convicted felon? Unfortunately he knows the answers, yet he does not care.

Article from the Guardian: