Nineteen years ago on the year 2000 Bridgestone Firestone Tire and Rubber Company installed faulty tires onto Ford trucks and SUVs. In the U.S only it is stated that 271 deaths and 800 injuries were linked to these faulty tires. In Venezuela having 46 deaths linked to the tires and the Middle East having seven deaths. Firestone recalled 6.5 million tires and Ford recalled 13 million tires. It’s crazy how many tires and deaths had to occur for these defective tires to be noticed and I think its safe to assume that any company of any kind that produces something would test for defectiveness. Millions on millions of tires just went by these companies noses and if it weren’t for the legal cases  Henningsen vs. Bloomfield Motors (1960) and Greenman vs. Yuba Power Products (1963), it is possible Firestone and Ford wouldn’t be held accountable if they weren’t be negligent, but those cases make manufacturer’s responsible regardless of negligence when a defective product causes injuries as a result.