M6 (Muzzillo)

After a bit of research, I had come across a teething tablet that is used for babies to help with the pain they are having due to their teeth coming in. This product was used at all hours of the day as well as night to ensure a more comfortable feeling for the newborn at this time in their lives. The reason for the FDA banned this product is because of the inconsistent amounts of belladonna alkaloids that were found in each product. Belladonna poses a serious health hazard for children as the effects of this chemical are wide ranged and quite uncertain. This is an example of mislabeling as they were putting an exact dosage on every product produced but failed to meet what each label was reading.

I believe the outcome was necessary and ethical because of the amount of uncertainty this teething tablet could impose on children who were using this product. This product was officially recalled in October of 2016 and was removed from the shelves of all stores selling this item. I believe this is unethical and egregious because this company was labeling their product with what the consumers thought were facts knowing completely that they had no idea how much of this chemical was used in the making of each and every one of these teething tablets. Although the CEO and chairman of Standard Homeopathic Company released a statement apologizing I still do not believe it is right because I feel they are only sorry because they were caught.





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