1. Research and find an alternative/opposing point of view to Climate Change as proposed in the Introduction.


Despite all the negatives associated with global warming, there is research out there that also show the benefits for climate change. Some examples of benefits that can are reaped from climate change include improved growing seasons and accelerated forest growth (Pomeroy).


  1. What obligations do we have to future generations?

As civilians, I believe it is our obligation and duty to strive for corrective actions to prevent drastic climate change. Global warming and climate change are big issues that we need to create more awareness to gain more attention and concern among the public. Our bad habits as human beings are the primary cause for such drastic climate change over the past decades. We need to start creating awareness and fixing bad habits before it’s too late.


  1. Does Nature have value in itself?


Yes, nature for sure has value in itself. This why it is so important to monitor and preserve natural resources that are necessary for survival. Without nature, we would seize to exist.

  1. Who Should pay the cost for protecting the environment?


I believe that those who are the biggest contributors to global warming and climate change should be the ones held most accountable. However in the end, it’s on all of us as a society. Not only do we need to make smarter decisions to sustain life on Earth, we also need to create awareness for climate change and make it a priority.



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I agree there are many negatives out there in regards to global warming. Some creditable, some not so much. I never thought so much about improved growing seasons though. If it’s that improved does that mean two seasons, maybe three? If that’s the case wouldn’t that be environmentally challenging for soil nutrient?
Future generations are dependent upon us to fix the problems. I agree we need more awareness. However, there are some really true diehards out there that are wearing blinders, they can’t be forced to see the problems. The world needs to come together address and fix the problems.
I agree nature has value. Nature equals life, without it there’s no life. I don’t include rocks, sand, dirt, all of which are natural, but then I also just described Mars, where life is unsustainable.
Those that contribute to our problems should pay more, on a global scale. I do agree though, it’s everyone’s problems to be addressed by all.